FCS Group at K 2022

FCS Group at K 2022

The world’s leading trade fair K is coming again in Düsseldorf, from Oct.19th to 26th of 2022. Every three years, K brings the innovative solutions from the plastics and rubber industries all over the world. K 2022 focuses on “Plastics shape the future” and will create a business and knowledge exchange platform for the exhibitors to present their achievement to circular economy and digitalization. It is expected to gather more than 3,000 companies from 60 countries in this event.

FCS Group (FCS) will present the “Servo Energy-Saving 2K Injection Molding Machine (FB-280R)” which not only shows the innovation, swiftness and vitality of FCS, but also integrate green energy technology and highly customizable systems integration concept to offer customers the best solution.

Energy-Saving Multi-Component Molding System: FB-R Series

FCS is the first company which research and develop the 2K injection molding in Taiwan. And in the field of 2K or multi-component injection molding, FCS Group has been leading the developing direction of the industry by its advanced technology. FCS will be showing the new design servo power-saving two-component injection molding machine: FB-280R, and with the precision mold of 2 color (also 2 component) airtight food storage container, to display the high precision, high speed and high stability molding technology.
  • Rotary table controlled by a servo motor for a shortens rotary time of more than 50% with more stable rotary speed switch and more precise positioning.
  • Adopts a high efficiency double servo power system which has a first grade certification for national power saving standards (≦0.40kw h/kg).
  • Has an accurate rotary positioning clamper, to protect the mold.
  • It designed two sets of core equipment on the rotary table and also consist of cooling system in the molds.
  • With a maximum clamping force of 1,900 tons, this machine has been widely applied to cell phone keyboard, tool handles, pen-making, car lamp and household appliances.

All-Electric Multi-Component injection Molding System: CT-R series

FCS will also announce the newly CT-R series full electric multi-component injection molding technology in K, which is suitable for multi-color products of “high precision and low pollution”. Adopting multiple independent barrels for smart injection greatly shortens the cycle time. The rate of servo rotary table is improved by 30%-50%, and the positioning precision is up to 0.005°. Linear guide at injection unit makes backpressure approach 0 when charging, and reduces the melt overflow. European servo driver and controller system make injection accuracy up to 0.01mm. Equipped 21.5” touch screen with the smart control interface makes operation easy and clear.

The FCS two-component injection molding machine is equipped with specific molds and forms two-component products in one step or multi-steps according to the injection molding process. It can customize the products according to various industrial characteristics, product complexity or different materials. Alternatively, it applies MuCell foaming injection molding system to achieve lightweight and energy saving, and the carbon fiber injection process to strengthen the rigidity and resilient of the finished products, making the products more flexible, more diversified and with high added value.

MuCell Foaming Injection Molding System

Apart from using alternative materials to achieve lightweight, new technologies were applied to reduce the amount of the original raw materials, thereby reducing the impact on the environment. The new technologies are attracting more and more attention. Among them, the MuCell foaming injection molding is an important development. FCS provides customers with advanced key processing technology. The injection molding machine is equipped with MuCell exclusive screws and gas injection device, adding features that are more advantageous for customers, such as reduced injection pressure and clamping force, lightweight of plastic parts, low energy consumption during production, or shortened molding cycle.

iMF 4.0 intelligent ManuFactory System

As a leader in the injection molding technology, FCS creates technological solutions for customers ahead of time. It has launched the iMF 4.0 intelligent ManuFactory system since 2017, which is installed on the injection molding machine and interconnects with surrounding information to adjust and control the quality parameters autonomously. The injection molding machine applies smart sensor module to improve product yield, reduce production waste, and initiate warning through the engineering monitoring and feedback function to avoid losses due to unexpected downtime. FCS is seizing the "smart" manufacturing opportunities for the clients.

K 2022
Location:Dusseldorf Exhibition Center, Germany
Date:OCT.19~ OCT.26
Booth:12 B80