Ewikon will show complete range of hotrunner systems at Chinaplas 2011

Ewikon will show complete…
Ewikon Heisskanal Systeme will participate in 25th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries (CHINAPLAS 2011), which will be taken place at the Asia's largest exhibition centre, China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex from 17-20 May 2011 in Guangzhou China.

With more than 30 years of competence in the development and production of innovative, reliable and service-friendly hotrunner solutions Ewikon is one of the leading suppliers of hotrunner systems and components in the world, offering one of the most comprehensive and versatile range of hotrunner systems on the market. The Ewikon product range provides innovative and reliable solutions for all industrial branches from the packaging and medical industry up to the automotive industry.

At the headquarters in Frankenberg Germany, Ewikon employs 200 people in development, production and sales. To ensure a consistently high quality all workflows have been certified according to DIN EN 9001 standards. The flexible organization structure and the efficient development capabilities allow Ewikon to quickly respond to the growing requirements of the international markets and to provide tailored hotrunner solutions in short time. Subsidiaries and sales partners all over Europe, South America and Asia ensure the worldwide support for customers with an additional staff of 40 people.

During the last two years a focus was placed on developing new products for the medical and packaging industry. The result is the HPS III-MH nozzle, one of the most advanced direct side gating solutions available today. It features an unique layout that allows easy installation and exchange of tip inserts from the parting line of the mould and requires only standard mould inserts. Several tip versions can be selected. Especially advantageous for the production of syringes or pipettes with highest requirements regarding dimensional accuracy is a version with 60° degree tip angle because it helps to eliminate core deflection caused by the melt pressure.

At Chinaplas Ewikon introduces a new version of the HPS III-MH nozzle, which has been designed for use in low cavity applications and is available with 1 or 2 tips per nozzle. The main nozzle body is taken from a standard nozzle and modified with a MH-style mouthpiece that contains the tip inserts. For deep immersion applications the main nozzle can be extended using a slim adapter nozzle to reach the required length. Thus, when moulding long slim parts additional space e.g. for the integration of core supports or unscrewing mechanisms becomes available in the hot half.

Another product that is especially suitable for medical applications is the electric drive valve gate system with step-motor technology, which is available in three sizes and can be combined with all standard nozzles. Because there is no potential contamination from lubricated compressed air, the system offers an unlimited suitability for clean room applications. Compared to electro-magnetic concepts the Ewikon step-motor technology gains advantages by allowing full control of the valve pin movement. The operator can vary all process parameters by using an external touch-screen control unit that allows operation of up to 32 drives simultaneously.

With only 30 W of power consumption for the largest version energy saving operation is ensured. A further advantages is a constantly high closing force which makes the step-motor drive suitable for processing of demanding, rapidly freezing materials like Polycarbonate where high closing forces are required for a proper gate sealing.

As a unique feature the electric drive can access multiple valve pin positions within one moulding cycle. This option considerably broadens the range of applications and offers new methods of resolution for injection moulding applications, especially when considering the growing tendency to integrate additional functions into moulds. Several applications where the application requires the valve pin to move to three positions within the cycle have been realised so far.

The full range of standard nozzles which are supplied in lengths from 19 mm up to 350 mm and flow channels up to 12 mm, allow reliable, efficient and cost saving processing of almost all thermoplastics including reinforced materials. For challenging multi-cavity applications slim versions with flow channels of 3 mm and 4,5 mm are available, allowing cavity spacing as close as 12 mm. The superior EWIKON manifold technology with streamlined flow paths ensures full natural balance of the system even in most demanding multi-cavity moulds.

All systems can be supplied as valve gate versions as well. When using valve gate systems the customer can choose between different drive designs with hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical valve pin actuation. Hotrunner systems for multi-material processing and a complete line of high-end hotrunner controllers are completing the product range. All systems can be delivered as completely wired and tested hot halves with the hotrunner system already integrated. This allows a fast and efficient installation and start-up of the system with practically no on-site adjustments.