Engel's worldwide course of growth continues

Teletronics follows the automotive industry as the second-strongest contributor to turnover for Engel in Asia. Growth motors include the fields of infotainment, vehicle assistance systems, automotive electronics and precision optical components. "With our all-electric, tie-bar-less Engel e-motion TL injection moulding machines, we have gained a very good foothold in the market for precision optical parts and have been able to assert ourselves several times against Japanese competitors who have dominated the market until now," says Engleder.

Packaging is also on a growth course. Above all, China and India have a great need for efficient and sustainable solutions for the fabrication of caps and closures for water and carbonated beverages. In the all-electric Engel e-cap machine series, Engel successfully combines high throughput with high energy efficiency. Besides caps and closures, great opportunities are opening up in the large container business due to the increasing substitution of plastics for sheet metal.

Particularly close collaboration between Engel and the processors is already necessary in the project planning phase in order to adapt the injection moulding solutions to the individual requirements of the customers and the specific demands of the different national markets and industries. Engel is therefore continually investing in the further expansion of its worldwide sales and service network. Beyond that, Engel is consistently strengthening the specialist expertise of local staff. In Shanghai, Engel has already established an automation centre, opened its own mould technology department, and strengthened the application technology department. Now Engel is building up the company infrastructure for the whole of Asia in order to provide consulting services that are even more industry-specific.

Engel has been present in Asia for 30 years
Engel had recognised the great potential of the Asian continent very early and established its first subsidiary in Hong Kong in 1986. At the Chinaplas trade show in Shanghai in April of this year, Engel celebrated 30 years in Asia. In this time, further sales and service subsidiaries were established successively in Singapore, Korea, India and Thailand. In Vietnam, Engel will be opening its sixth subsidiary in Asia by the end of the year.

Engel is the only western injection moulding machine manufacturer producing machines at multiple sites in Asia for the local markets. In 2001, the production plant for injection moulding machines with low and medium clamping forces was opened in Pyungtaek City, South Korea. Since 2007, Engel has been producing large-size machines at its plant in Shanghai, and with the founding of WINTEC as a secondary brand in 2014, a third plant in Asia was established in Changzhou, China. In the meantime, the Engel Group achieves 85 percent of its turnover in Asia with its local production.


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