Engel's worldwide course of growth continues

Equipping Kaplice for further growth
The component plant at Kaplice in southern Bohemia is being equipped to increase the machine assembly capacity. By the autumn of 2017, production floor space will be more than doubled. The company's facility in the Czech Republic is its centre of excellence for sheet-metal processing and electrical fitting. Among other things, control cabinets, machine frames, housing parts and conveyor belts are produced in Kaplice. "It is only due to our very high vertical manufacturing range that we are able to deliver a consistent high quality worldwide, and yet also flexibly fulfill the increasingly individualised requirements of our customers," says Engleder. "The Kaplice location therefore plays a key role in Engel's global production network."

In addition to a new production hall, an even larger administrative building is being constructed, because the number of employees is not just growing in production, but also in administrative areas.

Shanghai: more space for assembly, offices and the apprentice workshop
In Asia, the focus for investments this year lies on Shanghai. There also, both the production facility and the office wing will be significantly expanded by April of 2017. Construction of the production hall has already begun. It will provide 1,600 square metres for additional CNC processing machines. 450 square metres of floor space is being added for offices and the apprentice workshop. Since 2014, Engel has been providing vocational training in Shanghai. It built its own apprentice workshop for the programme there and entered a cooperation agreement with a local educational institution for the theoretical instruction. In setting up a dual vocational training programme, Engel is emerging as a pioneer in China. "The interest in our training programme is very high," emphasises Peter Neumann. "We were able to expand our training programme sooner than expected." At present, more than 30 apprentices are receiving training as CNC and plastics technicians. In the coming school year, Engel will also be accepting mechatronics trainees in Shanghai.

Engel breaks new ground in professional training

First trainee programme spanning three continents
Professional qualification has always had a high priority at Engel. The focus is not limited to apprentices, but also includes young academics for whom Engel also offers trainee programmes and final thesis projects.

Engel is breaking new ground with its international trainee programme. After a six-month introductory phase in Austria, the participants in the two-year programme will work at the Engel plants in the USA, China and Korea, as well as at two Engel subsidiaries. During this time, the trainees will become familiar with the Engel products and technologies and acquire industry-specific expertise and leadership competence. "Our goal is to get young people excited about gaining international experience and to promote intercultural understanding," says Christoph Steger. "When they have successfully completed the programme, we will offer the graduates a challenging job in our international sales operations."

Five young men and women will be admitted to the programme this September. The applicants come from Europe as well as America and Asia. The prerequisites for participation in the international trainee programme are a technical or business degree and a maximum of three years of professional experience.

Engel will be conducting the international trainee programme regularly.


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