Energy efficient Multi-Component moulding machine delivers highest flexibility

Energy efficient Multi-Component…

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag Plastics Machinery GmbH has launched a highly competitive, energy efficient all-electric Multi-Component machine. The new IntElectMulti is available to customers globally from September 2019.

Catering to  brand leaders seeking innovative and creative ways to integrate multiple colours, resins  and sensory features into products, in addition to maximising productivity, the machine’s energy efficiency helps moulders to conserve valuable resources.

With its dynamic motor design, the IntElectrange, now comprising the Multi machine, provides up to a 20% increase in production output, up to 60% reduction in energy consumption and faster machine return-on-investment (ROI) -typically around 18 months.

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag launches the energy-efficient IntElectMulti, its most advanced Multi-Component moulding machine to-date

Product  manager  Peter  Gladigau  explains: “The  IntElect  Multi  is  our  most  advanced  Multi-Component mouldingmachine yet. Featuring direct drives, it delivers the highest level of precision and repeatability for multi-component  moulding.  This  ultimately  offers  shorter  cycle  times  compared  to  hydraulic  concepts. Additionally, the series fills a vital gap for multi-component moulders seeking greater production flexibility using a more compact and energy efficient machine.”

Sizing up options

Currently available in three machine sizes -100, 130 and 180 ton -injection moulders can now opt for a machine  that  delivers  the  level  of  flexibility  and  precision  required  for  high  volume  multi-component manufacturing. Additional machine sizes will follow in time. From small to big shot weights, simultaneous to  sequenced  multi-component  moulding,  the  all-electric  IntElect  can  handle  every  type  of  application effortlessly.

When co-injecting multiple materials, the number of cavities mostly double. In addition, rotating the mould 180° by turntable requires more mould space. The IntElect Multi has been adapted to fit a mould measuring up to  800mm in height and  support a turning diameter  of up to  825 mm, with  a tie  bar clearance  of 570 mm1.   “Compactness  isa  big  consideration  for  moulders.  Most  parts  produced  on  a  multi-component machine  are  high  volume  but  relatively  small,  e.g.  automotive  and  electronic  connector  housings. Previously,  moulders  may  have  opted  for  a  larger  machine  to  accommodate  the  tool  and  turntable.  By increasing the mould space, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag has addressed this issue,” says Peter.

Enhanced safety

Given the complexity and value of multi-component tools, the IntElectMulti includes an advanced mould safety system as standard. Featuring high resolution sensors built into the toggle system itself, the signals produced are so accurate the machine can detect even the slightest change in force patterns and respond accordingly. The safety system monitors the mould closing sequence, closingforce and mould speed.

Additionally,  the  machines  assist  moulders  to  monitor  the  ejector  force.  Through  this,  the  machine  can detect parts and mould elements that have jammed, issues that arise with wear in the ejector system, as well as broken ejector rods.

On trend ... Available now

The launchof the highly precise IntElectMulti addresses a rising global movement towards more complex parts that feature two different materials.

Combining  materialsisespecially  popular  in  the  personal  care  market.  Some  of  the  most  common examples  include  disposable  razors  andtoothbrushes. “As  manufacturers  look  to  boost  their  market position, they will for different ways enhance the consumer experience,”adds Peter.

The machine also offers a solution for sandwich moulding, which from a circular economy standpoint offers more options to integrate recycled materials for the inner parts of components.

Additionally, moulders can use an inner foam material wrapped in a rigid plastic, resulting in a lighter weight component  and  savings  on  materials,  or  alternatively  combine  hard  and  soft  materials  to  improve  the aesthetics  and  comfort  of  parts.  Another  option,  covering  an  inner  glass  fibre  material  with  an  unfilled material delivers increased stiffness and creates a brilliant surface. All of these multi-component variations are feasible on the new IntElect Multi.

According to the latest report issued by Transparency Market Research, the market for Multi-Component moulding is  anticipated  to reach  US$  11.58  billion  by  2024.  Although  popular  in  the  manufacturing  of automotive parts, the report predicts that the medical, consumer goods, electrical and electronics segments will experience the biggest growth in the next five years.

Peter agrees with these forecasts, commenting: “For a number of moulded applications today, aesthetics are increasingly important for design differentiation. Additional benefits are also achieved fordurability and functionality.”

Crediting Sumitomo(SHI) Demag’s prowess in all-electric machines -currently the company has installed more than 65,000 all-electric machines globally -Peter emphasises the significance of the optimised motor design.  “When  working  with  two  materials,  perfecting  the  injection  process control  is  even  more  critical given that a second material is being injected on top of the first shot.”

Geared towards top dynamics, precision and repeatability, the IntElectdrive technology is equally critical for the smooth and fast rotation of the mould. The machine’s integrated turntable perfects this 180° motion, ensuring components are positioned perfectly to receive the second shot, all within less than one second of the turning time.

The IntElectMulti  is now available  to  customers worldwide.  As  with  the  entire  IntElect  range,  additional machine sizes will be added to complete the portfolio.