Empowering Education with Advanced Injection Molding Technology

Empowering Education with Advanced Injection  Molding Technology
Offenburg University of Applied Sciences has spent two days at Ferromatik Milacron in Malterdingen performing machine acceptance tests.

The Elektra 50 all-electric injection molding machine will be used at Offenburg University of Applied Sciences next semester in the new "Mechanical Engineering/Materials Engineering" course. More than 100 students every year will benefit from a program that makes use of the latest machine technology.

"We are delighted to be able to support the Offenburg University of Applied Sciences in their commitment to state-of-the-art and energy-efficient technologies. This is the best way to develop the next generation of professionals for the industry", said Gerold Schley, managing director of Ferromatik Milacron & vice president of China Operations. "The partnership between Offenburg University and Ferromatik Milacron goes back many years, not least because of our close proximity. This research collaboration represents a continuation of that relationship", explained Winfried Stöcklin, Director Operations at Ferromatik Milacron and himself a graduate of Offenburg University.

All-electric machines are particularly environmentally-friendly, since they use 50 to 70 percent less power and water than conventional hydraulic machines. The Elektra 50 has a clamping force of 500 kN and can be used to produce small plastic parts for the medical, packaging or consumer goods industries, for example.

At Offenburg University of Applied Sciences, students will be working with the Elektra 50 to learn how to set up and program a machine and also how to deploy newly-developed plastics granules with special additives and fillers that enhance the service properties of the finished part. The special feature of this type of education is that the injection molding process can be set up directly on the machine, and the process parameters validated. In addition, it will be possible to verify new production technologies, such as the use of rapid prototyping for the production of mold inserts. In this way, the students will be able to work their way through the entire process chain in the development of an injection mold, from the design, via simulation and optimization, right through to the finished end product.

"On behalf of Offenburg University of Applied Sciences and our Faculty, I would like to thank Ferromatik Milacron for their support in our acquisition of the injection molding machine", says Professor Alfred Isele, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Process Engineering, on the occasion of the handover of the machine. "Giving students the opportunity to learn how to use the Elektra 50 is of immense importance for them and their subsequent professional life. The University will thus be able to offer its growing number of students an education of the highest caliber."