Electrical insulating materials from Roechling

Electrical insulating materials from Roechling
Roechling Engineering Plastics KG presents two new composite materials for the construction of generators and electric motors on CWIEME 2013. Duromag EPF S13 for magnetic slot wedges and Durostone EPC SL 38 for peelable slotliners. They improve the performance and reduce costs.

Duromag EPF S13 is a glass fibre reinforced insulating material based on an epoxy resin matrix and a high-grade magnetisable soft magnetic iron powder. The new material combines a high magnetic permeability with high electrical resistance and offers good mechanical strength. Roechling developed Duromag EPF S13 especially for the application in magnetic slot wedges for the fixation of the copper windings in high-performance induction and synchronous electric motors and wind turbine generators.

Magnetic slot wedges made of Duromag EPF S13 provide a higher magnetic permeability compared to non-magnetic ones. This reduces iron core losses and improves efficiency. At the same time Duromag EPF S13 slot wedges reduce the inrush current and improve the starting performance of electric machines.

Duromag EPF S13

The better performance with Duromag EPF S13can help manufacturers of electric motors meet the requirements of the Premium Efficiency Class (IE3) and the Super-Premium Efficiency Class (IE4) of the European Union.
To expert developers Duromag EPF S13 also offers advantages for the construction of electric motors and generators. Because of the higher permeability, heavily used areas within the iron package could be exonerated and cross-sections can be reduced.

Roechling offers magnetic slot wedges made of Duromag EPF S13 for open and semi-closed slots according to customers' drawings.

With the new glass-fibre reinforced layer-material Durostone EPC SL 38 Roechling focusses on the construction of generators as well. This electrical insulating plastic has high mechanical strength and consists of numerous fine glass fabric layers with a thickness of just 0.15 - 0.2 mm and an epoxy-resin matrix.

Durostone EPC SL 38

Thanks to the special layer-system of Durostone EPC SL 38, manufacturers of turbo-generators can fill the space between the copper windings and the slot wedge on site to exact thickness. Depending on the required thickness, single layers of Durostone EPC SL 38 can be peeled off completely or partially without using a special tool. This saves time and costs. The time consuming grinding process and resulting dust contamination, which is traditionally utilized for existing slotliner materials, is eliminated.

Röchling delivers peelable slotliners made of Durostone EPC SL 38 in thermal classes F (155°C) and H (180°C) and a maximum length up to 6,000 mm.

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