DuPont's Vamac Ultra HT

DuPont's Vamac Ultra HT
DuPont extends AEM performance with Vamac Ultra HT for 180°C turbo hose and air duct applications.

High performance DuPont Vamac Ultra HT ethylene acrylic elastomer helps the automotive industry solve powertrain and chassis light-weighting and efficiency challenges in turbo hoses and air ducts.

DuPont Performance Polymers (DPP) will showcase its portfolio of high performance elastomers that help automotive design engineers increase powertrain and chassis efficiency through light-weighting, turbo charging and engine downsizing — leading to increased fuel economy and reduced emissions.

A highlight will be DuPont VamacUltra HT, a new grade of ethylene acrylic elastomer (AEM) that extends the Vamac Ultra family of high performance elastomers. Vamac Ultra HT offers enhanced continuous heat resistance up to 180°C, with peaks to 200°C — significantly beyond the performance of standard AEM — making it suitable for demanding automotive applications such as turbo hoses and air ducts.

In addition, Vamac Ultra HT delivers enhanced mechanical properties such as higher flex fatigue resistance, better low temperature flexibility and superior acid resistance in exhaust gas recirculation environments. Its higher viscosity also improves processing versus standard AEM grades, including better green strength and scorch resistance for extrusion processes.


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