Dr. Stefan Kruppa appointed head of new business unit "Smart Machines" of KraussMaffei Group

Dr. Stefan Kruppa appointed… On July 1, Dr. Stefan Kruppa took over as head of the recently established "Smart Machines" business unit of KraussMaffei Group. In this new unit, all machine-specific digitalization solutions will be managed and made available across segments and brands. It is part of the recently formed segment "Digital Service Solutions" which was launched at the same time. Expanding the organizational structure is part of KraussMaffei Group's new corporate strategy; its implementation has just started.

New customer needs and changed demand

In his new position as Director Smart Machines, Kruppa will focus on the further development of new intelligent systems and solutions for all three plastics processing technologies with which the KraussMaffei Group is represented on the global market: injection molding, extrusion and reaction processing. "While KraussMaffei will obviously continue to build top-quality machines, my job is to refine them with digital features, additional products and services," says Kruppa, explaining his new function.

The "Smart Machines" unit is divided into three pillars: Machine technology (e.g. intelligent machines), connected solutions (e.g. Internet of Things) and data analytics (e.g. big data). Medium-term, innovative business models will be generated from development work and the interaction of these units to meet new customer needs and changing demand.

"We are pleased to have gained Dr. Kruppa, an accomplished developer and visionary in digital plastics processing, to head the Smart Machines unit. Due to his outstanding qualifications, market knowledge and experience, especially in the field of digitalization, he will play a key role in developing this strategically important business area for KraussMaffei," says Nadine Despineux, Managing Director of the new Digital Service Solutions segment and member of the Executive Committee of KraussMaffei Group.

Service and digitalization two focal points of the new strategy

Kruppa joined KraussMaffei in 2010 and was most recently responsible for machine technology. In 2015 he received his doctorate at the University of Duisburg-Essen with a thesis on "Adaptive process control and alternative injection concepts for injection molding of thermoplastics".

The Digital Service Solutions segment is part of KraussMaffei Group's new corporate strategy. This strategy includes further developing the cross-segment, global service business, developing and expanding digital services and products as well as new business areas.

Source: KraussMaffei Group

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