Dow Chemical invests in Packaging Center of Excellence

Dow Chemical invests in Packaging Center of Excellence
The Dow Chemical has announced that it is further investing in its Packaging Center of Excellence located in Horgen, Switzerland. The investment will help the company to meet the requirements of the packaging industry throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Dow is enhancing the capabilities of the packaging center to test and produce prototypes of adhesive laminates and films for the food and beverage industry applications.

The Horgen-based facility integrates Dow’s technical and scientific expertise with equipment and production space for formulated films, resins and specialty adhesives. The center will also improve customers’ capability to test formulations and materials for new package design and functionality.

The Switzerland center is connected to the company’s other packaging centers of excellence present worldwide. These include the Sensory Science center in The Netherlands and Films Application Development Centers in Jundiai, Brazil; Freeport, Texas and Tarragona, Spain.

The company will continue to offer technical applications support and services for its current product portfolio. Customers can analyze and adjust the formulations based on their packaging requirements at the Horgen center. Dow’s converters play an important role in the packaging industry.


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