Double offer by ST BlowMoulding at K 2019

Double offer by ST BlowMoulding…

The new 3-layer continuous extrusion blow moulding machine ECT 880 CoEx3 by ST BlowMoulding will be the biggest machine exhibited at K 2019 in the blow moulding hall 14. The machine is designed to produce 220-liter “L-ring” drums and open-head drums up to 50 drums per hour. 

Compared to a traditional accumulator-head blow moulding machine, the continuous extrusion machine ECT 880 performs 10% faster cycle time, improved wall thickness quality and huge energy saving. 

The 3-layer configuration (inner layer and outer layer: 10% to 25% each one; middle layer: 50% to 80%) is intended to assign a specific feature to each layer (for instance high purity material in the inner layer, regrind material in the middle layer, antistatic additive in the outer layer). 

Equipped with high-efficiency HEX extruders, W. Müller ReCo3 extrusion head and PWDS®/SFDR® radial control unit by Feuerherm, this machine will strengthen the ST BlowMoulding position in the industrial packaging sector after the recent success of the 1000-liter IBC machines. 

Specific devices have been included for safe head tooling changeovers: an electric hoist to raise the core and die, an adjustable swivel arm to align them to the extrusion head, and a movable catwalk protruding from the machine mezzanine to work under the extrusion head. 

The machine will be shipped back to ST BlowMoulding after the K exhibition, to be customized to the specific requirements of AST Kunststoffeverarbeitung, one of the largest German manufacturer of industrial plastic packaging. 

New parison suction blow moulding machine for 3D ducts. 

The ST BlowMoulding leadership in parison suction blow moulding technologies is witnessed during the K 2019 by the new ASPI 200 on display at Dr. Reinold Hagen Stiftung facility in Bonn. Dr. Reinold Hagen Stiftung is one of the largest independent foundation in Germany and develops initiatives for education, teaching and professional trainings in the field of plastic materials technologies and mechanical engineering. 

The new ASPI 200 – delivered just few months ago – includes all most recent developments by ST BlowMoulding in suction blow moulding technology: the brand new HMI (as user friendly as a smartphone), the W-Print (to mark data directly on the parison) and the parison swell monitoring (to keep under control the process repeatability). 

For those visitors who want to get familiar with all that technology at a single glance, ST BlowMoulding and Dr. Reinold Hagen Stiftung have organized a shuttle service from the K fairground to the foundation facility, where the ASPI 200 will be in operation with a 3D mould.  

Both the ECT 880 CoEx3 machine and the ASPI 200 machine will display the new company logo and the new flamboyant machine livery of ST BlowMoulding. The new company claim “Moving Forward, by Your Side” expresses the ST BlowMoulding constant inspiration to innovate and find solutions tuned to the customers’ needs.