Decorative and functional printing inks for plastics at K 2013

Ultrapack UVFP low-migration UV screen printing ink is ideal for printing on the exterior of food packaging. Its contents fully comply with the EuPIA Photoinitiator Suitability List 1A as well as the Swiss Ordinance on Material and Articles in Contact with Food (SR 817.023.21.).

Automotive Printing and IMD

Eye-catching and colourful injection mouldings have become part and parcel of modern life. And inmould decoration (IMD) is the technique of choice for automotive components and plastic mouldings like housing parts. The finished product must be resistant to scratching and abrasion - and this is where screen printing comes into its own. Maramold MPC, for example, is ideal for IMD products, displaying high resistance to heat, and high elasticity.

Membrane Switches

The solvent-based Maraswitch MSW range is the perfect solution for printing on front panels, key pads and membrane switches. MSW makes it simple to apply multiple layers of ink before the stamping, forming, and die-cutting process. The ink adheres exceptionally well to foil and adhesives like PC and PET films.

Ultraswitch UVSW ensures rapid UV curing for membrane keyboards. With UVSW, users enjoy all the benefits of the UV process: the ink guarantees an unlimited mash opening, it makes it possible to consistently achieve precisely the required colour, ensures high production speeds and meets the stringent technical requirements of membrane switch manufacturers. UVSW is the ideal choice for use with solvent-based MSW ink.

Digital printing inks from Marabu - the right solution for every application
When it comes to UV curable inkjet inks, Marabu is this year focusing on the UV LED curable UltraJet DLE-A range and the conventionally cured UltraJet DUV-A line. Both are available in one-litre containers and cartridges for Mimaki, and are suitable for use with rigid materials such as acrylic glass, hard PVC, aluminium sandwich panels (e.g. Dibond), polycarbonate or polypropylene, as well as flexible substrates such as self-adhesive film or sheeting made from soft PVC. Because UV LEDs do not emit infra-red light, practically no heat is generated - making UltraJet DLE-A an excellent choice for sensitive substrates.

Every day at K 2013, Marabu will be showcasing the benefits of DLE-A on a Mimaki UJF-3042. Come and experience the benefits for yourself.

Hybrid inkjet ink DUV-H is perfect for rigid substrates such as PVC, PS and PC - but also creates impressive results on flexible media such as self-adhesive film and plastic sheeting. A further innovation on show at K 2013 will be the water-based MaquaJet DA-E ink. This eco-friendly, easy-to-use ink is the ideal match for thin, sensitive plastic substrates. Further features include a very mild formulation, high colour density and first-rate consistency of final printing results.

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