Decorative and functional printing inks for plastics at K 2013

Decorative and functional…
From 16 to 23 October, Marabu will be showcasing its extensive portfolio of printing inks at K 2013 in Düsseldorf, Germany - the world's largest trade fair for plastics. Marabu will present a wide variety of applications, both decorative and functional, for its range of screen, digital and pad inks, and liquid coatings in hall 4, booth B58. What's more, visitors can expect some exciting live demonstrations and discover the latest developments in the Innovation Zone.

Committed to advancing inks and coatings

This slogan underlines Marabu’s commitment to producing exceptionally high-quality inks. And at K 2013, the focus will be on innovative industrial and graphical applications in screen, digital and pad printing. For over six decades, Marabu "Made in Germany" products have led the way in the industry. Drawing on its expertise and experience, Marabu creates pioneering innovations that give customers a real competitive edge. At K 2013, visitors can find out more about Marabu's proven portfolio and all the latest additions.

Pad printing

Marabu's pad printing inks meet the highest standards in terms of product safety and environmental friendliness - making them the perfect choice for printing on toys, packaging and medical products, for example.

A highlight at K 2013 will be the Tampaplus TPL line. This very fast-drying and highly resistant ink has been specially designed for use with a closed ink cup system. It is Marabu's top priority to make sure that our products comply with the latest safety regulations. Therefore, we have revised the formulation of Tampaplus TPL. It now contains neither aromatic solvents, nor PAA, and features lowest PAH values - and thus follows the newest requirements. The ink is an excellent choice for industrial pad printing on operating elements, switches and casings - but also for items such as toys and promotional materials.

Container printing

For containers, Marabu helps create an eye-catching impact with its Ultrapack UVC UV range, suitable for a variety of plastics. This ink is perfect for printing directly on containers of all shapes and sizes, whether for cosmetics, household cleaning products or pharmaceuticals.

Ultrapack UVK+ is the right choice for manufacturers looking for a high-gloss finish. In addition to a high-gloss ink film, its standout features include excellent adhesion and outstanding resistance to heat and high humidity.