Danone reinforces sustainable initiatives with the adoption of green plastic

Danone reinforces sustainable…
Activia and Danoninho packaging based on sugarcane, is launched in the second half of August and is just one of a series of initiatives designed to reduce the Company's CO2 emissions by 30%.

The fresh dairy product market leader, Danone, through its Activia and Danoninho brands and its partnership with Braskem, sees green plastic as yet another pioneering contribution to its solid commitment to sustainable development.

Activia and Danoninho, which are highly popular with children and adults alike, were considered the ideal Danone products to spearhead the new initiative. As of this week, Activia 150g will hit the shelves in containers developed from I'm green green polyethylene, a sugarcane-based bioplastic with international certification. Danoninho Fermented Milk in green plastic bottles will follow suit in September.

Concern over sustainability is by no means a new concept for Danone, which has accepted the ambitious global target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 30% over four years (2008-2012). The Group is constantly investing in the development of new technologies and portfolio innovations, in addition to reducing waste, excess packaging and water and power consumption and streamlining its logistics network.

"Danone is committed to increasing the environmental sustainability of its business and this is reflected in the development of new packaging," explained Mariano Lozano, Danone's CEO. "In this aspect, the Activia and Danoninho brands are paving the way, while at the same time emphasizing their alignment with the wishes of Brazilian consumers, who are keenly aware of sustainability-related issues," he concluded.

"The strengthening of our partnership with Danone around green plastic, globally associating brands that are synonyms for quality and reliability, creates value for both companies and reinforces the concept of the biopolymer as a solution that benefits sustainability," declared Carlos Fadigas, Braskem's CEO.

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Braskem is a producer of thermoplastic resins, operating 29 industrial plants in Brazil and the United States