DSM introduces Atlac 5200

Atlac 5200 FC is fully compliant with the governing EU regulations related to materials intended to come into contact with food (EU regulation No 1935/2004) regarding materials that are included on the “positive list” of authorised materials as stipulated by the European Food Contact Directive 2002/72/EC, and is manufactured with commonly accepted Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for the intended use in accordance with EU regulation No 2023/2006 (GMP).

According to DSM it is one of the industry’s first resins to be produced in accordance with GMP for products intended to come into contact with Food. GMP is an internationally accepted quality control system used in the nutritional, food and pharmaceutical industries that sets standards and guidelines for the safe production, testing and use of a product.

Moreover, Atlac 5200 FC resin has already obtained initial approvals at institutes such as the UK BS6920/WRAS and the French ACS, with many more approvals in the pipeline.

“We believe we are taking the lead in setting higher standards of quality, assurance and transparency in the industry to ensure that composite parts are really safe to use in contact with foodstuff and drinking water,” says Wilfrid Gambade, Business Director Composite Resins & Global Markets, DSM Composite Resins. “With our new Atlac 5200 FC resin, DSM now offers one of the first resins to be produced in accordance with the commonly accepted Good Manufacturing Practices for the food Industry, and in doing so, offers a pro-active and sustainable solution to its customers and end-users. Atlac 5200 FC perfectly reflects our mission as a life sciences and materials sciences company to develop innovative solutions that genuinely contribute to society’s needs.”

Components based on Atlac 5200 FC resins outperform components made from steel in terms of corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, increasing component life time, and thus reduced cost of ownership.

As all the ingredients used in the manufacture of Atlac 5200 FC resin are certified to be compliant with the EU’s food contact materials “positive list”, the approval process for DSM’s direct customers is simplified. Obtaining approval for the final components which are manufactured from Atlac 5200 FC resin is easier, quicker and can be achieved with reduced testing, simplifying the approvals process and lowering costs. DSM also provides customers with advice and guidance on how to implement GMP in component manufacturing.