DME and P.E.T.S. Unveil New Patented Electric Valve Gate & Sequencer

DME and P.E.T.S. Unveil New Patented Electric Valve Gate & Sequencer

The new strategic alliance between DME Company and Plastic Engineering & Technical Services, Inc. (P.E.T.S.), which was announced last month, will initially focus their combined world-class product development and distribution capabilities on the medical and high-volume consumer markets.

The first product introduced as part of the alliance is the patented Electric Valve-Gate System ideally suited for high-precision, clean-room molding applications, commonly found in the medical arena. This patented Electric Valve-Gate offers unprecedented valve-pin movement of six inches per second and unequaled closing forces (over 35,000 PSI).

Electric Valve-Gate System

The P.E.T.S. Electric Valve-Gate can be paired easily with the user-friendly P.E.T.S. Electric Valve-Gate Sequencer. The Sequencer offers real-time, section-views of each valve gate, with the capability of digitally, precision positioning each valve pin independently, in .001" increments. DME will be targeting these innovative products at the medical market and other processors that may benefit from world-class, high-precision process control.

In addition, currently under development and scheduled for release by this fall is a High-Cavitation Temperature Controller. The P.E.T.S. High-Cavitation Temperature Controller will include a real-time Graphical User Interface (GUI) capable of precisely controlling from (1) to (128) zones and offering a multitude of user-friendly features, including staged start-ups to minimize heater burn-out; accelerated quick color changes; and automatic temperature lowering to minimize resin degradation.

DME and P.E.T.S. will be working with select, high-end, high-cavitation molders to ensure that the Electric Valve Gate, High-Cavitation Temperature Controller and other products currently under evaluation for development and/or further refinements continue to meet their most exacting, real-world requirements.

To ensure that customers realize the full benefits of this and other strategic allies, DME is instituting a team-based approach to selling and servicing. With this approach, the DME sales contact for each customer will bring in the right experts to offer real-world plastics processing solutions – ensuring a consistent and reliable methodology to servicing the entire spectrum of each application's requirements from plastics processing and melt delivery systems to mold bases and components.