Contiform 3: the new generation of blow-moulders

Contiform 3: the new generation…
The Contiform 3 is the latest generation of Krones’ stretch blow-moulding machine series. It is available on the market as of now in a purposefully, in some parts entirely redesigned version of the individual process steps involved.

The blow-moulding module has been entirely revamped. The field-proven linear oven of the Contiform S/H series has been design-enhanced and principally optimised in regard to its energy consumption.

During the development work for the Contiform 3, particular attention was paid to the following objectives: increasing production output per blow-moulding station; reducing total air consumption; reducing total energy consumption; improving hygienic design; shortening product change-over times, increasing flexibility; further enhancing user-friendliness; maximally dependable availability.

The Contiform of Generation 3 has been developed in sizes ranging from 8 to 36 blow-moulding stations, thus enabling record outputs to be achieved of up to 81,000 containers an hour. The machine can also, of course, be directly monobloc-synchronised with a filler, or in the ErgoBloc L with both a labeller and a filler. As from mid-2012, heatset and small-cavity versions will additionally be available, as will the integration of ProShape for producing oval containers, or Contipure for preform decontamination.

With the new generation of the Contiform stretch blow-moulder, Krones has come up with a machine that progresses the provenly reliable and simple concept involved, and in all regards sets new standards on this market. Thus the Contiform’s success story, meanwhile 14 years old, with more than 1,500 machines already installed worldwide, continues into an auspicious future.