Colour masterbatches and modyfying additives for plastics

Colour masterbatches and modyfying…

GM Color is a well-established company in the production of colour masterbatches and modifying additives for plastics. The company's primary objective is to provide a comprehensive offering for the plastics processing industry in Europe. A dedicated team of employees specialises in providing bespoke colour solutions on universal and dedicated polymer carriers. In addition to a wide range of standard colours, GM Color has a portfolio of colour masterbatches with special effects, e.g. pearlescent, fluorescent, metallic and glitter. In addition, the range includes a wide selection of modifying additives available as separate additives and as additive combinations. Furthermore, in the interests of the natural environment, the range has been extended to include dyes produced on biodegradable carriers. Recycling compounds are also used in the production of colour masterbatches.

Every day, the Innovation Department makes every effort to ensure that the implemented projects respond to the personalised and current needs of customers. Currently, the work is underway to, among other things, implement an innovative liquid polymer dye. All efforts to enrich the product range are made possible by combining the many years of experience of qualified specialists and the possibility of using the latest technical solutions. The company applies the experience it has gained to its day-to-day work with Customers by providing professional advice and technical support.

The products supplied to the market are used to colour, among others, household goods, food and industrial packaging, pipes, films, furniture accessories and edging, foams, construction and technical articles and many others. The laboratory team ensures that the products are of the highest quality in terms of colour selection and appropriate parameters. A state-of-the-art laboratory allows products of the highest quality to enter the market, confirming this standard with a certificate. Among other things, it is equipped with an ageing chamber, DSC, XRF, FTIR and a range of strength testing equipment. The main advantage of the GM Color team is its flexibility, operational efficiency and speed of delivery.

GM Color's product range includes:

  • Monoconcentrates - High-performance one-pigment preparations
  • Colour masterbatches - dedicated to the polymers like:
  • Standard masteratches – line of  colours available permanently in stock
  • B&W masterbatches - Line of white and black masterbatches
  • PE masterbatches - Product line dedicated to PE film colouring
  • PET masterbatches - Product line based on PET carrier
  • ECO masterbatches - Colour masterbatches based on recycled carrier
  • Pulverization - Pultaverization of plastics and raw materials for rotomoulding
  • Granules and regranulates - customised to customer requirements (colour, strength and technical parameters).

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