Clariant powers color choice for 2013

Clariant powers color choice…
Clariant is empowering designers, marketers and brand owners in their product color choices for 2013.

The launch of its ColorForward dedicated color forecasting tool for the seventh year in a row reflects Clariant’s on-going commitment to give customers a head-start in using the power of color to influence consumer purchasing decisions. Intended for the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, it complements Clariant’s seasonal color trend forecasts aimed at increasing customers’ efficiency and time-to-market in the fashion-driven textiles and leather industries.

ColorForward 2013’s predictions and color palettes focus on the four most influential societal trends around the world, and are the result of a year-long effort involving plastics industry and trend analysis experts. Color specialists from industries as diverse as architecture, textiles, packaging, housewares, automotive and fashion participated in the process.

The color palette for SCIEN-SATIONAL represents the faith we have that science and technology will develop products that will improve the quality of life for everyone. FOODTURE's palette is very organic and mirrors our relationship to food, which has never been stronger or more diverse. COMMUNINATION deals with the concept of community, where the focus is not always about location, but more about finding people who share similar interests, values and causes. The colors of ENOUGH... IS ENOUGH! foster a sense of quality and durability: frugality has become part of our lifestyle, accumulating possessions is out. We want real value and what we buy should provide a meaningful experience.

Clariant powers color choice for 2013

ColorForward 2013 has been developed to support customers in a broad spectrum of market segments, from packaging to architectural, medical and electronics. It is the latest guidance service for the plastics industry from Clariant’s global ColorWorks team.

ColorWorks, the global design services network within the Clariant Masterbatches family, supports customers early-on in the product development stage to help them to optimize the development of creative ideas into innovative products. The ColorWorks approach to plastics product design integrates the latest masterbatch and additive technologies, the most up-to-date color selection and analytical tools, color trends, design and technical team support, plus worldwide project management.

“Clariant’s long-standing expertise as a color consultant and service provider is giving customers the edge in transforming and applying color trends into the innovative final products we see on our store shelves and in the world around us,” comments Hans Bohnen, Head of Clariant Business Unit Masterbatches.


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