Clariant debuts new generation sustainable lubricant for PVC in Europe

Clariant debuts new generation sustainable lubricant for PVC in Europe
Clariant introduces a new generation of lubricant based on a renewable source to the PVC processing community, in support of the global trend away from lead-stabilized PVC processing compounds.

Licocare SBW11 TP is currently making its regional debut on the PVC congress circuit in Germany, including the recently-held PVC Formulation 2012 and the forthcoming SKZ PVC-Folien conference from April 25-26, 2012.

New Licocare SBW11 TP offers excellent performance, and efficiency and sustainability benefits. The naturally-based, chemically modified wax is produced from soya bean oil. It offers superior technical performance in PVC processing versus fatty acid derivatives traditionally used for lubrication.

Licocare SBW11 TP is particularly suitable for the processing of rigid PVC compounds, especially for calcium/zinc- (Ca/Zn) and tin (Sn)-stabilized PV film and extrusion applications. The lubricant acts as an external and internal lubricant offering a number of performance benefits to enable processors to take advantage of efficient and consistent production runs.

These include:
* Good release/anti-sticking effects: outperforms external lubrication potential of fatty acid esters / complex ester mixtures
* No mold deposits thanks to low volatility and good compatibility with PVC
* Excellent thermal stability ensures good color stability
* The broad lubricating effects contribute to a balanced rheology behavior
* Low concentrations varying from 0.3 to 1.0 phr provide effective performance

Licocare SBW11 TP can also be used as a lubricant in PVC injection molding. Here, flowability is significantly improved with less influence on the Vicat softening temperature than that of common internal lubricants, such as fatty acid ester derivatives. As a result, Licocare SBW11 TP can achieve better dimensional stability for the injection molded product and excellent flow improvement.

"Licocare SBW11 TP offers PVC processors a high-performing, renewable-based lubricant that supports their production efficiency and environmental goals." comments Beate Treffler Head of Technical Marketing BL Waxes IS Plastics; BU Additives, Clariant.



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