Clariant at Interpack 2014

  • Corrosion protection: Clariant produces a variety of desiccant bags that meet various global specifications and fulfill the herein defined quality and performance requirements to protect valuable goods during transport. DESI PAK desiccant bags provide a simple, reliable and economical as well as ecological solution for preventing moisture damage of goods in enclosed packages. The relative humidity can be reduced below 40% r.h. inside the packaging. The humidity indicator can be read from the outside to monitor on-going effectiveness.

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  • Oxygen Protection: Clariant's Oxy-Guard oxygen scavenging packets absorb available oxygen inside food packaging to prolong shelf life, maintain product quality, and reduce loss. Oxy-Guard can maintain an oxygen level of less than 0.01% inside a sealed package during the intended shelf life, reaching this level within 24 hours or less at a normal temperature.

  • Differentiation through vibrant colors and effects, lightweight packaging and efficiency-driven solutions
    • The Figaro Effect – captivating, random swirl patterns that bring life to plastics. Developed at Clariant's ColorWorks, the new dynamic line of multicolor masterbatches are used in combination with a proprietary, patented, multilayer molding process to create levels of opacity, translucency, gloss and special effects that achieve unprecedented artistry.
    • HiFormer the new integrated system for liquid masterbatches designed to enhance product properties and process parameters for customers and fulfill their international service needs. In addition to the improved efficiency of the manufacturing processes, the liquid masterbatches are highly concentrated to achieve brilliant, vibrant hues. For packaging customers, recent development focus has been on advancing EBM monolayer production processes. HiFormer EBM monolayer systems offer a significant reduction in color change time, plus a trouble-free manufacturing process.
    • New generation Hydrocerol masterbatches for lighter plastic packaging. Hydrocerol chemical foaming agents reduce the amount of plastic needed to make packaging without compromising performance or aesthetics. Packaging weight can be reduced by up to 20% while maintaining impact strength, good quality surface finishing and compliance with requirements for direct food contact. Lighter weight packaging also reduces shipping costs and fuel consumption.
    "The future direction of the packaging industry is steered by the need to protect contents in new, improved or less costly ways, and to make products and packages easier to use with less environmental impact. By developing an innovation that combines shelf appeal or user convenience with performance advantages and improved sustainability, Clariant can help converters and major brand owners to maintain both their profitability and competitive edge," comments Alessandra Funcia, Head of Marketing Segment Packaging, Clariant.


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