Brückner Maschinenbau at the K 2013

Through precise analysis of the current and tension, the sensorless regulation SLC (Sensorless Control) ensures that the stretching unit registers the load level of each individual clip at all times. Thus the power levels can be reduced to the required minimum in real time. In this way the power taken up, and hence the energy consumption, can be reduced by 40%. This represents an enormous financial advantage for the film producer and of course also reduces emissions.

Furthermore, the line operator can pinpoint with great precision the forces to which the film is subjected. This provides him with precise knowledge of the stretching process and therefore permits optimisation compared with the mechanical process.

Lines for specialty films

Battery separator films
The new process for the manufacture of high-quality battery separator films (Evapore), developed and patented by Brückner, has met with a positive reception on the market. Several orders for production lines have already been placed. Further development is now focused on continuing to expand the product range of Brückner lines for battery separator films. Brückner will be presenting its latest results at the K:
  • Reduction in film thickness, in order to increase the power density of batteries, thereby reducing the construction volume
  • Processing of new materials in order to improve the temperature stability of the separator films - important in electrically powered vehicles - e.g. UHMWPE (ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene)
Further new developments in specialty film lines
Brückner Maschinenbau will also be presenting new concepts at the K for
  • High-quality simultaneously stretched polyamide films
  • Extra-thin capacitor films under 3µm film thickness
  • Technical and optical films (BOPET thick film up to 400µm)
  • PP multi-layer films (5, 7, 9 layers)

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