Brückner Maschinenbau at the K 2013

Reduced energy consumption

High Speed Extrusion
In all lines, Brückner continues to optimise constantly the possibilities for energy savings, thereby achieving a reduction of the energy consumption required for film production by 30% compared with the 1990s. In line with this trend Brückner will be presenting the new "HSE" high speed extrusion system at the K'13.

The development of the fast-running HSE single screw extruder - especially as co-extruder for film stretching lines - aimed to achieve the performance of several larger conventional machines with considerably smaller screw diameters. This offers the user a number of advantages compared with conventional extruders with the same throughput performance. The HSE extruder requires a smaller installation area, weighs much less, is easier to operate and less expensive to service. With regard to energy consumption a small extruder also provides advantages because it has lower radiation and convection losses. The direct drive also contributes to the lower energy consumption, because there are no energy losses resulting from the reduction gear.

Simultaneous stretching: the new LISIM generation

The high flexibility of Brückner’s linear-motor-driven simultaneous lines (LISIM) permits the production of films with characteristics which cannot be achieved using sequential technology. A total of ten such lines have been in operation since 1998, designed for film thicknesses of up to 400µm.

The new LISIM generation is specially designed for top-quality thinner films of between 0.5 and 75µm, including polyamide packaging films or ultra-thin BOPP and BOPET capacitor films. The new, less expensive system for the simultaneous stretching of thinner films demonstrates considerably higher energy efficiency in the stretching oven - regarding the drive power as well as the ventilation system performance inside the stretching oven.

LISIM SLC: Sensorless control
Brückner's patented simultaneous stretching technology is based on linear motor-driven individual clips, holding the film during the stretching process. This permits the plant operator a high degree of flexibility through the individual operation of each clip.

Brückner Maschinenbau

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Brückner Maschinenbau, the film stretching technology division within the German Brückner Group, is a worldwide leading supplier of film production lines: mono- and bi-axial film stretching lines, cast film and sheet extrusion lines, shrink film lines, laboratory & pilot lines and many more.