Brückner Maschinenbau at the K 2013

Brückner Maschinenbau at the K 2013

Increased performance

Increased working widths and higher line speeds are decisive parameters for increased performance. In recent years Brückner has repeatedly set new standards in these areas, including BOPP lines with 10.4 m working width and speeds of over 500 m/min and BOPET lines which are 8.7 m wide and also operate at speeds of over 500 m/min.

An improved layout for high-speed lines
At the K 2013 Brückner Maschinenbau will be introducing lines for the manufacture of high-quality BOPP films which can achieve working speeds significantly higher than the previous 525 m/min. It is not just the speed that is decisive, but parameters such as availability and efficiency of the line, ease of operation and process stability have also been optimised. To this end Brückner has developed a new, innovative platform:
  • The centrepiece is the new transport system in the transverse direction orienter (TDO) with increased operating stability at high speeds. This is achieved, for example, through a new geometry for more efficient power transmission and the use of new polymer materials with lower friction values and reduced need for lubrication
  • A new longitudinal stretching unit (MDO) with automatically adjustable contact rolls ensures stable production conditions at high speeds and a reproducible film quality
  • An even more efficient water removal in the area of the chill roll
  • The new low-vibration winding unit with an optimised contact roll guarantees high-quality winding and hence good quality film
BOPET lines for packaging films
Nowadays, BOPET lines by Brückner operate at speeds of over 500 m/min. At the K Brückner will be introducing a number of new developments which will improve still further the film quality and the operating stability and efficiency of the installations through the systematic development of the integrated approach:
  • The pinning of the film to the chill roll is further optimised by a completely new automatic control system. Standard materials can be processed at high speeds without additives such as pinning agents.
  • Brückner's longitudinal stretching unit with the unique "two-gap-stretchin" has been fitted with innovative adjustments for a closed power flow. The result is top film qualities at speeds of over 500 m/min - even for special applications such as very thin films.
  • A newly designed low-vibration transport system in the transverse direction orienter (TDO) ensures optimal stability during operations in the high-speed range and therefore a longer lifetime.

Brückner Maschinenbau

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