Brenntag presents an innovative plastics solution for heavy-duty distance mounting

Brenntag presents an innovative… The heatwave had large swathes of Europe firmly in its grip this summer. When temperatures clearly above 30 degrees prevail for a prolonged period, it is a relief to have a shady spot on the balcony or terrace under a protective awning. And the relief is even greater if this sun protection can be securely fixed in place.

Brenntag has worked with Apolo MEA Befestigungssysteme to develop an innovative distance mounting system with plastics components made of Alamid compounds. The ResiTherm system has been created especially for heavy-duty distance mounting applications in perforated brick walls insulated with composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS), such as for awnings, canopies or balconies. The straightforward and rapid mounting of the robust plug system in glass fibre reinforced PA ensures enormous time and cost efficiency together with an outstanding load-bearing capacity for very high loads in the brickwork. ResiTherm also guarantees effective thermal separation and thus permits the components to be fixed without any hot or cold bridges. The insulating effect of the thermal insulation façade remains virtually intact, thus preventing energy losses or even mould growth.

Apolo MEA has opted for Alamid compounds from Brenntag Polymers. The PA materials are formulated for functional engineering parts that are subject to special requirements and are noted for their excellent mechanical properties, such as a high toughness, hardness and heat resistance. Alamid is eminently suited to withstanding the high forces that act in safety-relevant applications. For distance mounting in perforated brick with ETICS insulation, the fastening must be inserted through the ETICS and into the load-bearing brickwork, bridging the thickness of the insulating material. High pull-out forces thus place increased demands on the fastening system. In addition, the system must be in a position to reliably introduce the high forces into the perforated bricks, which also requires a low level of deflection in the material.

With their physical and mechanical properties, long service lives and corrosion resistance, Alamid compounds are eminently suited to multimaterial systems offering long-term stability. Alamid compounds are additionally noted for their very good surface properties and good chemical resistance. Very good wear resistance, a high colour stability under environmental influences and in contact with everyday media, a high dimensional stability, very low warpage and stable process capability make Alamid compounds the ideal construction material. Specially tailored polymer/additive combinations permit great flexibility and a wide range of modifications for customer-specific applications.

Source: Brenntag

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