Borealis at Interplastica

Furthermore, films retain virtually all of their transparency after sterilization.
Borstar RJ900MO is another novel random copolymer with a unique combination of flow and transparency.

This new grade, which also benefits from Borstar PP 2G technology, was developed to meet needs for shorter cycle times, transparency and mechanical properties in applications such as house- and kitchenware, as well as food packaging. In addition, it offers excellent organoleptic (odour and taste) properties and low extractables and has full food approval.

The material is well suited for the fast production of products with very thin walls, high flow length/wall thickness ratios and complex geometries. Typical intended applications include containers for dairy, confectionery and convenience food, as well as non-food products in cosmetics and electronics; kitchenware containers and storage systems; and caps and closures.

A third new development that Borealis is show-casing at Interplastica is BJ368MO. This is an injection moulding grade developed for the production of tubs for ice-cream, yellow fats and margarines, as well as tub lids. It exhibits high flow, high strength, high impact resistance at temperatures well below freezing point, and excellent organoleptics. In addition, tubs can be readily hot-filled.

Bormod BJ368MO is a ground-breaking block copolymer that enables significant reductions in injection moulding cycle times. It makes use of Borealis` highly innovative Borealis Nucleation Technology (BNT), which increases productivity through faster and finer crystallization.

- Plastics packaging is one of the fastest growing markets in Russia today - says Vladimir Petrushkin, Borealis Sales Manager for Film and Fibre in Russia. - Official statistics put recent growth at over 10 per cent per year, with flexible plastics packaging growing even faster.

- In many other countries growth in packaging is in line with GDP, but the Russian market is far from saturated - adds Ludmila Kiseluova, Sales Manager for Borealis Business Unit Moulding in Russia. - Even with the poor global economic situation, we believe that, especially with our latest innovations, we have the potential to grow significantly in this important market.