Biaxplen launches new BOPP-film factory

Biaxplen launches new BOPP-film…
The new production facility is located on the site of Sibur's Tomskneftekhim plant, which is the Company's main polypropylene supplier. The new production line has an annual nameplate capacity of 38,000 tonnes per year and investment in the project has exceeded RUB 2.4 billion (excl. VAT). More than 150 new jobs have been created through the construction of the BOPP-film production line at the Tomsk site.

Consumption of BOPP-films in Russia reached 124,000 tonnes in 2012, according to Market Report, and demand is growing at an average of 4-5% per year. Launch of the new production facility will help the Company to fully meet demand for BOPP-film from the Russian market. Products will be sold in the Siberian and Ural federal districts, with volumes also exported to CIS countries - Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and to Europe - Poland, Italy, France, as well as the Baltic states and Turkey.

ESOPP (France) acted as a main supplier of the production equipment for the new facility. The plant operates the widest production line in the CIS (8.7 m), enabling the plant to produce complex five-layer films with treated surfaces, which are used for overprinting. Auxiliary equipment was supplied by Bonfanti and TRIA (Italy), Kampf (Germany), and NGR (Austria).

BOPP-film is used in the manufacturing of flexible packaging for food and non-food products, labels and adhesive tape. BOPP-film manufacturing technology provides for high strength and elasticity properties, high barrier properties, resistance to various corrosive environments, and inertness, and therefore the product is not harmful to humans and the environment.

Biaxplen is a subsidiary of Sibur Holding, one of the largest Russian manufacturers of biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP), with production facilities in Balakhna (Nizhny Novgorod Region), Kursk (Kursk Region), Novokuibyshevsk (Samara Region) and Zheleznodorozhny (Moscow Region). Another project aimed at expansion of BOPP-films production is currently underway at the Novokuibyshevsk site. With the launch of the new Biaxplen production facility in Tomsk, Sibur's total BOPP -film production capacity will reach 149,250 tonnes per annum.


Biaxplen is a leading steady growing manufacturer of BOPP films in Russia


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