Balcas unveils unique Kota "Paint no More" prefinished MDF moulding

Balcas unveils unique Kota…
Balcas has launched a ground-breaking prefinished MDF moulding product, utilising Eastman’s unique Cerfis technology.

Kota “Paint No More” moulding removes the need to prime and paint during or after installation, saving time and money. Kota can simply be pinned or glued into place using the simple 3-step Kota Cut, Fix & Fill process. The Kota Fix & Fill solution are used to glue the mouldings in place or fill the nail holes if pinning the product in place, both methods leave the product looking flawless.

Balcas is a licensee of Eastman Chemical Company’s Cerfis technology, which enables Balcas to produce an elegant, white finished coating on the KOTA MDF moulding, representing an exclusive next generation offering in Europe.

David Gill, Managing Director at Balcas, said, “Balcas places great emphasis on the importance of innovation. We pioneered the introduction of primed architectural MDF moulding over two decades ago. We believe that this technology, which combines aesthetics, durability and an ability to improve the procedural efficiencies for the house builder is the most significant innovation within the industry during that time.”

Eastman’s Cerfis technology provides a more durable and superior finish when compared to any of the established moulded products. Kota is much easier to install than traditional mouldings and with Kota Fix & Fill solutions, eliminating the need to paint which allows a more straightforward installation process, saving time and money for the house builder and DIYers.

Paul Madren, Global Market Development Manager at Eastman Chemical Company, said, “Our Cerfis technology maintains a consistent geometry and surface finish on any profile - providing dimensional stability and reduced warping and twisting. It has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and is more durable than most commercial paints.”

“Cerfis technology has already proved to be extremely successful in the U.S., and we’re looking forward to working closely with Balcas to extend this industry-leading product to the European market,” Madren added.

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