BASF presents sustainable construction concepts

As a leading global partner to the construction industry, BASF is exhibiting at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from January 19 to 21, 2009.

The event is hosted by the project organization for the future city of Masdar, which aims to set new standards with a zero-carbon energy supply system. Masdar is scheduled to be ready for occupation by 50,000 people in 2016.

At the World Future Energy Summit exhibition BASF will have its own stand with the theme "More Efficiency from Less Energy".

BASF shows methods available today that can cost efficiently reduce energy consumption during the construction and use of buildings, cut carbon emissions and increase living comfort. BASF has an extensive range of products and system solutions in these areas that are modified globally to suit local construction industry requirements, architectural traditions and climate.

- Chemical innovations substantially increase the energy efficiency of buildings in all climate zones and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions - said Dr. Bernhard Hofmann, head of BASF’s Construction Chemicals division. - We thus aim to offer our customers in the construction industry the best concepts, economically and ecologically.

Dr. Thomas Weber, Managing Director of BASF Future Business, said: - BASF spends approximately one-third of its research and development budget on projects that help to use energy efficiently and thus protect the climate. Examples are solutions that make it possible to generate and store energy more efficiently or that reduce energy consumption.

BASF plans to demonstrate the following solutions at the World Future Energy Summit exhibition:

BASF supplies concrete manufacturers with high performance plasticizers sold under the brand name Glenium Sky. The plasticizers preserve the quality of concrete during transport, make concrete easier to process at the building site due to enhanced fluidity, and produce completed concrete structures that have high strength and a long lifetime.

In addition, Glenium Sky reduces carbon emissions during concrete manufacture. Adding Glenium Sky to concrete allows manufacturers to use cement types containing high amounts of carbon neutral supplementary cementitious materials.

These materials replace one component of the cement, the so called clinker, which is manufactured in a highly carbon-intensive process. Thus, using Glenium Sky lowers carbon emissions by up to 60 percent. Using Rheomatrix admixtures in combination with Glenium Sky saves even more energy. The admixtures give the concrete self-compacting properties that eliminate the need for high-energy compaction by machine.

In the Gulf region, the construction and insulation markets offer a large range of opportunities for the high end polyurethane plastics Elastopor H and Elastopir supplied by the BASF Polyurethanes division. Sandwich elements, insulating boards and spray-applied rigid foam are ideal for energy-efficient, uncomplicated construction for industry and housing.