BASF increases prices

BASF increases prices
BASF increases prices globally for antioxidants and process stabilizers for plastic applications up to 15 percent, in selected cases up to 25 percent and for selected products across the portfolio of additives and pigments for plastic applications up to 25 percent.

New prices are effective for deliveries starting today or as contracts allow. These price increases are applied in addition to the prior announced December and February increases.

These price increases are necessary to cover further significant increase in raw material cost, mainly fatty alcohols, methyl acrylate and phenols as well as increases in other raw materials.

BASF is committed to the plastic additives business. However, the past and future expected raw material cost escalations and volatility combined with current profitability levels require an increase in prices to sustain BASF’s ability to invest.

BASF, as a leading supplier for plastic additives, intends to secure future product availability, supply reliability, continuity in quality, service and innovation to best meet our customers’ needs and market conditions.

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