At interpack, MB presents fold systems for producing package inserts

At interpack, MB presents…
At the interpack 2011, the folding machine manufacturer MB Bäuerle presents the computer-controlled fold module leafletFOLDER NET 21 for producing package inserts for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and packaging industry.

The fold module is available for integration into cartoning and packaging machines and also as a stand-alone fold system.

All important settings are made by means of the touch-screen display. Four automatic fold plates with integrated deflectors allow all common small folds down to a minimum fold length of 15 mm. 16 types of fold are pre-programmed and can be called up immediately – all other folds are freely programmable. The setting of the fold rollers has also been automated and even the code readers move to a calculated position by simply pushing a button.

The computer control makes it possible to save the positions of the fold plate stops, the deflectors and the code readers and to re-set them automatically when needed. Repetitive jobs are accurately reproduced; this is particularly useful when handling small batches. As an option, the leafletFOLDER NET 21 can be equipped with professional scoring devices and a diverter. Moreover, a network interface permits the complex integration into the control of the cartoning resp. packaging machine.

However, not all package inserts must be folded in the course of the packaging process. Operator's manuals and information leaflets are, for example, produced in a separate work step. For these applications, MB Bäuerle presents the leafletFOLDER NET 21 as an offline-version. The fold module is equipped with a reading system for code scanning on the top or bottom of the sheet, a diverter and a vertical stacker SKM 36.

Another exhibit that MB Bäuerle will show at the fair is the fully automatic folding machine prestigeFOLD NET 38 which features a high degree of operator convenience and CIP4-compatibility. The complex setting automation positions the setting elements for flat pile feeder, fold plate stops, deflectors, fold rollers, alignment rails and delivery rollers. A touch-screen serves as the interactive operator interface. The new phamaceutical fold device makes sure that products with a minimum fold length of 28 mm can be folded automatically. The exhibit will be used to demonstrate how the machine sets itself automatically on the basis of the given job data by means of a scanned barcode.

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