Arnitel TPC from DSM Engineering Plastics

Arnitel TPC from DSM Engineering Plastics
Arnitel TPC from DSM Engineering Plastics adds core value to automotive and industrial hoses and tubing.

Although automotive and industrial tubes and hoses vary widely, ranging from vacuum brake tubing and pneumatic tubing to hydraulic hoses, they all have something in common - they can benefit from the use of Arnitel thermoplastic copolymer-based elastomer (TPC) from DSM Engineering Plastics. This unique material combines the strength and processability of thermoplastics with the flexibility of a thermoset rubber - without the need for vulcanization. Arnitel TPC grades enhance design freedom, deliver a range of desirable properties for demanding automotive and industrial environments, and can reduce processing and system costs.

In the automotive sector, Arnitel offers improved heat resistance (up to 200°C) compared to polyamides (PA11 and PA12), which can lose their stiffness and even collapse at high temperatures. Unlike these polyamides, Arnitel TPC also provides flexibility without the need for plasticizers and the resistance to high pressures at high temperatures. Other important properties are good resistance to chemicals and oils, and superior fitting retention. Arnitel meets the strict industry regulations. Typical automotive applications include vacuum brake tubing, air brake tubing, fuel tubing and convoluted tubing.

Arnitel TPC from DSM Engineering Plastics

For industrial applications, Arnitel provides a broad range of grades which have proven to be ideal for hydraulic hoses. As a replacement for nitrile rubber in the core, Arnitel TPCs provide a smoother inner surface, superior flexibility and better hot oil resistance. This means that fluids are easier to pump while the hoses are easier to handle and have a longer service life. Used as an outer layer, Arnitel shows great impact resistance and excellent flexibility. The DSM materials can also be used for pneumatic tubing. In the rubber industry, mandrels manufactured using Arnitel are widely used for rubber hoses during the curing process in autoclaves.

Arnitel is proven to deliver system-cost efficiency due to weight reduction , integration of functions and reduction of overall process cycle time.

Paul Habets, the Arnitel Product Manager from DSM Engineering Plastics Europe said: - In addition to its performance and processing benefits, Arnitel is an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional cross-linked rubber and materials such as polyamides that use plasticizers such as potentially harmful phthalates. As thermoplastics, our TPCs can be recycled, and the use of regrind is possible. With Arnitel TPCs, manufacturers have better material choices for a wide range of automotive and industrial tubes and hoses.

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