Arburg at Chinaplas 2018: "Wir sind da."

Arburg is a pioneer in the processing of liquid silicone (LSR) and demonstrates its competence at the Chinaplas 2018 with a machine designed for LSR processing from the Golden Edition entry-level series: an Allrounder 420 C Golden Edition produces flexible LSR cases for the iPhone 8. The mould is provided by Prover, while the LSR dosing unit comes from 2 KM. A Multilift Select linear robotic system performs the handling tasks.

Industrial additive manufacturing

A Freeformer and a variety of functional components will be used at the Chinaplas 2018 to demonstrate that Arburg Plastic Freeforming (APF) is not only suitable for prototyping but also for the industrial additive manufacturing of functional components in particular. The exhibit processes qualified standard PP and the water-soluble support material Armat 12 to produce functional cable clips with delicate yet durable structures. Visitors can handle so-called "experience parts" at an interactive station and convince themselves of their functionality and quality.

One great advantage of the APF process is that it can be adapted to the requirements at hand. The open system affords users independence: Freeformer customers can qualify their own original material and optimise the freely programmable process parameters specifically to the relevant application. In addition to amorphous standard granulates such as ABS, PA and PC, the ever-expanding range of materials qualified by Arburg includes, for example,elastic TPE, medical grade PLLA, PC approved for the aerospace industry and semi-crystalline PP.

Arburg Freeformer Kabelklemme

At the Chinaplas 2018, a Freeformer uses standard PP to produce cable clips with delicate structures and click effect in an additive manufacturing process.

Source: Arburg