Amut Group brings new technologies at Chinaplas

Amut Group brings new technologies…

On the occasion of the 33rd edition of one of the most influential exhibitions in the world Amut Group will be introducing the technologies lately developed by each Division. Chinaplas will be held at Guangzhou from the 21st to the 24th of May.

“Chinaplas is a distinguished hub where to meet the main players of South-Eastern Asia involved in plastics field. For Amut Group it has always represented a worthwhile business platform that has generated very valuable projects” commented Andrea Peretto, Sales Manager in charge of the area.

Packaging Film Division

The focus is on cast lines for the production of stretch film. After deep studies the R&D department has realised an innovative system named Q-Catcher. This system is capable of improving the quality of the film by recalling the proper setting when the line is in operation. ProWind 4.0 super-fast winder is another representative mark of Amut  technology for flexible packaging films.

film winder

Extrusion Division

To comply with the worldwide growing demand for green solutions, Amut has developed together with Erema company a specific concept for r-PET Bottle to Packaging application. The extrusion line processes 100% post-consumer bottle flakes into food grade single layer foil. The foil is FDA and EFSA approved. Many European companies have already moved towards this solution.

Also the technology for waterproofing membranes production will play a leading role at the booth. Actually, Amut Group is reputed a prominent key partner also in the Asian market thanks to its first class references in China and the visibility reached after regularly collaborating in China National Building Waterproof Association events. 

FDA extrusion

Recycling Division - patented technology

Delabeller-PreWasher works in dry process for both labels removal and first cleaning action. Turbo Washer and Friction Washer carry out an intensive cleaning action to remove all fine pollutants and glue. The combination of these machines consents to achieve excellent results in terms of final product quality even in case of highly polluted bottles. Amut technology optimizes the operational costs: fresh water usage is reduced to minimum because the water, that is continuously filtrated, can be re-used during the whole process and the consumption of energy and cleaning agents is really restrained.

Thermoforming Division

“Go Green” is the motto adopted by Amut  to enforce the recent circular economy trend to support the use of materials in extrusion and thermoforming process with low environmental impact.  The ACF 820-PLUS thermoforming machine will be in operation at the booth using r-PET foil made with Amut-Erema extrusion line and Ingeo foil.  Ingeo is the PLA provided by NatureWorks company. NatureWorks and Amut  have recently started a collaboration to propose PLA for food contact packaging.