American premiere of injection molding large machine

Injection molding highlights

Arburg will show a sophisticated LSR/LSR micro-injection molding application at the NPE 2018 with its tool partner Kipe Molds. An electric Allrounder 270 A with a 0.1 oz micro injection unit produces silicone membranes as used in valves for the medical technology or the automotive industry. The micro injection unit is equipped with a special 0.3 inch LSR screw for manufacturing the 0.0018 oz LSR pre-molded part (70 Shore A hardness). A servo-electric injection unit from Kipe Molds integrated into the 1+1-cavity mold and into the Selogica control system is used for the 0.00018 oz second LSR component (30 Shore A hardness). A kiki robotic system removes the LSR/LSR diaphragm, feeds it to a camera inspection station, and places it in a container.

The performance of the hybrid Allrounder for high-speed applications in packaging technology is demonstrated by a "Packaging" version of the Allrounder 570 H designed specifically for thin-walled items. The production cell manufactures four IML tubs from PP in a cycle time of around just 1.9 seconds. The decorated finished parts with a wall thickness of 0.0126 inches weigh 0.12 oz each. The mold as well as the automation system are from Brink.

Lightweight components are interesting for many industries, especially for the automotive industry. Fiber direct compounding (FDC) with glass fiber rovings is a low-cost alternative to processing fiber-filled compounds. The FDC unit on the injection unit includes a side feeder with integrated cutter, an adapted cylinder, and special screw geometry. The fiber length, fiber content, and material combination can be individually adjusted for targeted influencing of the component properties. At the NPE 2018, a hydraulic Allrounder 820 S will produce two 11.6 oz airbag housings in a cycle time of 70 seconds. A weight monitor integrated into the automation system displays the consistency of the shot weight and the finished parts are placed in boxes by the Multilift V linear robotic system.

Medical technology is also an important market with strong growth rates for Arburg. An electric Allrounder 470 A manufactures tubs from medical-grade PP using a 2-cavity mold from Hofstetter. The cycle time for two tubs, each weighing just over 0,05 oz is around 2.9 seconds. High-speed removal and stacking is performed by an automation system from Hekuma.

Arburg will present the automated encapsulation of inserts with a vertical Allrounder 375 V rotary table machine using the example of radius gages. A Multilift Select robotic system placed compactly on the machine first feeds the metal inserts to a plasma pretreatment station and places them in the equipping station. In the mold they are encapsulated with glass-fiber-reinforced PA 6.6, the finished parts are removed from the 1-cavity mold and placed on a conveyor belt.


ARBURG is one of the leading global manufacturers of injection moulding machines for plastics and the relevant additional equipment.