Amcor Flexibles and ICONIQ Drinks are creating with a new trend in the flexible packaging

Amcor Flexibles and ICONIQ…
ICONIQ Drinks are the proud sponsor and Official Water supplier to three major sports events in UK: the Brighton Marathon (14.04.12), Greater Manchester Marathon (29.04.12), and the Marathon of the North (06.05.12). Every refresh station had a brand new, innovative, environmentally optimized, 250ml ICONIQ Water Pouch, also known as the Amcor AquaFlexCan, which brings convenience to consumers of any age. "We are the first manufacturer in the UK to use this particular portable grab pack, which not only leads the way in ecofriendly water consumption, but is also innovative in design," said Gary Barnshaw, founder of ICONIQ Drinks and a British Master Chef.

Amcor AquaFlexCan not only combines the advantages of a portable and practical shape which is easyand fun to use, but it also offers environmental benefits: lower carbon footprint (compared to PET and glass bottles) and less waste (the weight of one Amcor AquaFlexCan pouch is only 3 g versus the 25 g of the PET Bottle).

Gary added: "For the Brighton Marathon, it meant 90 percent less landfill - the equivalent of a third of the average UK citizen's entire carbon footprint for a year - and the first marathon in the UK to use ICONIQ Drinks water pouches instead of PET water bottles. Runners at this year’s events found the top quality Scandinavian water pouches perfect to quench thirst during the run, were light to carry, were able to run with them without spilling and importantly were a non-trip hazard as once dropped they crush on impact. Thousands of runners took part in these marathons and thanks to the Amcor AquaFlexCan they enjoyed a refreshing new way of drinking water on the go!" So next time you go for a run, we invite you to enjoy a unique drinking and running experience with Amcor AquaFlexCan and the ICONIQ Water Pouch!

Amcor AquaFlexCan and the ICONIQ Water Pouch