Alpha Packaging has introduced three new PET

Alpha Packaging has introduced three new PET
Indented Label Large Round Packers ideal for bulk quantities of protein powders and nutritional supplements.

Alpha’s 3785cc (1-gallon) and 6250cc packers are new sizes that are both larger than the PET packers previously available from Alpha; the new 1500cc packer is a lightweight version of a size Alpha already made.

All of Alpha’s PET Indented Large Rounds are manufactured using a single-stage blow molding process. Standard colors are clear, white, cobalt blue, dark green, light amber and dark amber. Bottles are available with low minimums for standard colors; custom colors require a minimum of 10,000 pieces with a $500 purge charge, or Alpha will waive the purge charge for orders of 50,000 pieces or more.

Alpha’s 1500cc, 2000cc, 2500cc, 3000cc and 3785cc sizes all feature a 110mm continuous thread neck; the 6250cc packer has a 120mm neck. The indented label panel style protects your label from scuffing during shipping and at retail, and the generous neck widths allow consumers to use large scoops. Only the 1500cc size is available in multiple gram weights. The new 98.5-gram 1500cc packer will become Alpha’s standard weight for this size, and the 141-gram option will be available for companies seeking a heavier weight.


Alpha Packaging is a manufacturer of PET and HDPE containers, specializing in the harmaceutical, nutritional supplement and personal care markets