Albis Plastic and Covestro - 50 years of partnership

Albis Plastic and Covestro… During 2016 Albis Plastic GmbH and Covestro Deutschland AG are looking back on a successful 50 year partnership in plastics distribution. On May 1, 1966 a new contract was entered into which gave Albis access to a large part of the then Bayer portfolios of around 1,400 small customers in Germany. The agreement included the distribution of ABS, polycarbonate and polyamide. Just one year later the contract was extended - Albis established itself as a firm partner of Bayer and a reliable distributor for small and medium-sized companies in the German plastics processing industry. Over the intervening years the agreement rapidly gained momentum, expanding to include collaboration on international markets.

"Although I haven't personally witnessed the developments over the past 50 years, I can reflect on the last 20. And it's got the lot," recalls Edda Kröger, Senior Director Distribution Performance Polymers and head of Business Unit Distribution at Albis Plastic. "The sales regions that we have added in the last five years alone, places like Russia, Turkey or the Maghreb region, bear witness to the deep trust in our collaboration. Ultimately these markets are challenging fields with their own individual dynamics - and a strong partnership is really valued in those situations," says Kröger.

Philip O. Krahn, Chief Executive Officer of Albis Plastic, summarizes: "In three words: We are proud. In 2016 there is no end in sight for what we started in 1966. We are looking forward to many more years of working closely with Covestro - there are still things that we can achieve together. There won't just be new opportunities in the distribution sector, but also in license and toll compounding, which cover additional divisions to distribution and could happily expand even beyond the borders of Europe."

Covestro too have only positive things to say about the partnership: "Even in economically challenging times, Albis and Covestro have never taken their eyes off their common goals. Intensive collaboration based on integrity and trust hasn't just ensured commercial success but has also created sustainable added value for both companies and the customers. This makes us at Covestro optimistic about the future of this partnership," says Jürgen Raab, Sales Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. And Achim Gustorf, Key Account Manager for Distribution, adds: "Albis is an excellent partner for Covestro because both companies place great importance on values such as customer orientation, reliability and being proactive. This shared understanding will also lead to us being able to provide our customers with innovative products and services in the future."

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