After interpack 2008: exhibitors and visitors extremely satisfied

After interpack 2008: exhibitors and visitors extremely satisfied
interpack PROCESSES AND PACKAGING 2008 was a source of excellent business for the 2,744 exhibitors. On few other occasions in the event`s fifty-year history has the mood in the halls been quite as exuberant, the contacts forged by companies as abundant and the volume of orders placed as high. A total of 179,000 visitors got the lowdown on innovations in machinery for producing packaging, confectionery and bakery goods as well as packaging of all material classes between 24 and 30 April.

The exhibitors at the biggest edition of interpack to date were in an almost euphoric mood. They reported closing very good deals that exceeded even the already optimistic expectations in the run-up to interpack, as well as forging many highly promising contacts that signal lucrative post-fair business. As a result, 97 percent of the participating companies have already indicated their intention to exhibit at the next interpack in three years` time.

The exceptional atmosphere in the halls was not only felt in the air but could also be seen: Numerous stands frequently seemed packed to capacity. For their part, the exhibitors could be heard again and again praising the international mix of visitors and their extensive decision-making powers. interpack 2008 succeeded in making gains in both of these areas. Sixty-five percent of visitors were experts with the authority to make decisions on their company`s behalf. The proportion of visitors attending from outside Germany increased to 62 percent. Altogether, 121 countries were represented. Attendees arriving from European countries (62 percent) were in the majority but those from Asian nations (20 percent), and the Indian subcontinent in particular, also formed a large contingent. Visitors from South and Central America, for example, similarly made their presence strongly felt.

Erhard Rustler, President of interpack PROCESSES AND PACKAGING 2008, confirmed the extraordinary mood among the exhibitors. - Throughout, we have heard nothing but positive reports from the companies. In particular, the deals sealed are more than gratifying. These will contribute to the industry`s further robust development and stem equally from the segments machinery, process technologies and packaging - he said.

Rustler also pointed out the significant growth in interest in complete lines and process technologies. The first-time inclusion of stand-alone solutions for packaging production on the list of exhibits was also very well received by trade visitors.

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