Unipetrol RPA, s.r.o.

Unipetrol RPA is a leading Czech producer in the field of refinery, petrochemical and agrochemical raw materials,

Address details:

Str. Záluží 1
Czech Republic, 436 70 Litvínov

Company produces following thermoplastic materials:

→ Polyethylene LITEN – is a thermoplastic material used for production of injection moulded articles (crates, caps, household articles, toys, cartridges for adhesives, dust bins, technical parts). Specialty is a fibre grade suitable for production of non woven textiles used for hygienic articles. Further application is production of blow moulded products (containers, canisters, barrels, tanks, bottles, technical parts for various media, including detergents and cleaning agents) as well as production of films (food packaging, shopping and millinery bags), pipes (pressure water distribution systems, heat insulation pipes, optical cables protection), and finally production of sheets (environmental landfills, insulation sheets, plates for welding of vessels), etc.

→ Polypropylene MOSTEN – is a thermoplastic material used in the production of injection moulded products (various food, storage and tool boxes, pots, household goods, dowels, toys, technical parts etc), packaging films (food- textile- stationery packaging), fibres (textile tapes for woven bags and carpet backings, twins, ropes), staple fibres and multifilaments, nonwoven fabrics (baby diapers, hygienic towels, one-off clothes, construction industry and agriculture), boards and sheets for welded tanks, swimming pools, sheets for thermoforming of food packaging, matrix for various compounds, etc.


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