Industrial waste collection and management, recyclables, waste paper, plastics (LDPE, PP, PVC, other), LDPE regranulate, PP regranulate

Address details:
Str. Brzeska 2
Poland, 31-998 Kraków

Activity description

Since 1994 we collect and manage industrial waste, mainly recyclables such as waste paper, plastics and scrap. We offer our waste collection services to large and medium companies and organizations in Poland.

Currently we manage waste of 60 000 tons a month (including 7200t of waste plastics, 36 000t of waste paper and 12 000t of C&D waste).

We recycle LDPE foil in our recycling facility in Niepolomice (32-005) offering transparent, blue, green and black regranulate.

We are interested in cooperating with recyclers in EU or other countries in terms of delivering various waste/ recyclables.