Descaling liquid Odk-120 package 5l (73790)

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~17,92 EUR / pack
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56 days

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If your device is operating at low temperatures ( below 50 ° C), we recommend using liquid descaler.

One liter of preparation for 10 liters of water.

The descaler serves to clean the interior surfaces, for example:

injection molding machines
- heating equipment, JAD heat exchangers
- cooling circuits
- appliances in the food industry
- water and steam boilers
boilers, coils, water heaters
steam generators
- installation of CO, water pipes
- bakery ovens etc with greasy residues
- and other devices that come into contact with water


We recommend using 1 liter of the preparation on 10 liters of hot water for efficient use of the product.
Pour the whole solution (start up) and wait with the sludge thickness from 1 to 3 hours. If possible, continually heat up the water to shorten the waiting time.

After reconstitution, pour the solution and rinse with clean water.

In devices that come into contact with water, there is the formation and deposition of lime scale due to the content of calcium in water.
Because embedded stone is a good heat insulator, thermal efficiency is constantly decreasing and can be reduced by up to 30%, which results in an increase in operating costs.

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