Descaling agent in liquid (98815)

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57 days

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If the device is operating at low temperatures (below 50 ° C), we recommend using a descaling liquid.

One liter of preparation for 10 liters of water.

The descaling agent is used for cleaning internal surfaces eg:

- injection molding machines
- heating equipment, JAD heat exchangers
- cooling circuits
- equipment in the food industry
- water and steam boilers
- boilers, coils, water heaters
- steam generators
- installation of CO, water pipes
- bakery ovens etc. with greasy residues
- and other devices in contact with water


We recommend to use 1 liter of the preparation on 10 liters of hot water for effective use of the product.
Pour the whole solution (start) and wait depending on the sludge thickness from 1 to 3 hours. Whenever possible, heat up water to reduce waiting time.

After reconstitution, pour the solution and rinse with clean water.

In the case of water-related equipment, the formation and deposition of the lime scale is caused by the presence of calcium in water.
Since embedded stone is a good heat insulator, thermal efficiency is constantly decreasing and can be reduced by up to 30%, which results in increased operating costs.

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