A set of Gefran sensors QE1008-W-08-Set for measuring the stress on injection molding columns (114280)

Type of offer::
11 380 EUR / set
Valid for:
16 days

Trans-West GmbH Sp. z o.o.
Name and surname:
Michał Sikorski

SPECIAL OFFER Currently, we have the opportunity to offer to you at a special price the GEFRAN set QE1008-W-08-SET (F061428) for wireless tension measurement, among others on injection molding columns.
The special price of this set is EUR 11,380.00 net
Standard net price EUR 13,970.00.
Special offer is valid until 31/03/2020.

* cost of transport at the expense of the supplier
* lead time: about 5-6 weeks
* payment terms: to be agreed
* no instructions in Polish * 18 months warranty.

A set of magnetic strain gauges measures surface tension directly at the installation site. Magnetic sensor technology was developed by Sensormate AG. Mounting the sensors is non-destructive, very fast and simple. The integrated signal amplifier with a wireless transmission module enables very convenient and precise measurements on any machine.
- complete system for simultaneous measurement of stress on four columns
- direct display of the measured value in με, kN or t (via
Inspectmate software that comes with the sensor kit)
- wireless transmission (2.4 GHz), no cables facilitates measurement
- fast and non-destructive mounting with magnets
- ideal for use in presses, injection molding machines and foundry machines
- installation on columns with diameters from 45 mm and on flat surfaces - for use in dynamic applications - each measuring sensor has a built-in signal converter
- built-in rechargeable battery with a working time of up to 8 hours
- receiver with USB port
- very compact design, very easy to use system

More information is available on our website www.transwest.pl as well as on the producer's website www.gefran.com



If you are interested in purchasing, please contact us.

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