combiCap: new screw cap is a real lightweight

combiCap: new screw cap is…
SIG Combibloc expands its product range with a new screw cap that really scores in one weighty respect.

The new closure weighs just 1.85 grammes. Less weight means fewer raw materials are used, which is good news for the environment. According to the latest Life Cycle Assessment, the reduced weight leads to a significant 36% reduction of CO2 emissions and 33% savings of fossil resources compared to our latest screw cap generation.

The screw cap combiCap is based on a process developed by SIG Combibloc that has already become internationally established in use with other SIG Combibloc closures. In this process, the screw cap is applied over an overcoated hole. Thus the closure, which is affixed to the carton pack after the product has been filled, can be easily opened by the consumer with a single twist, as the cardboard layer has already been removed and only the thin aluminium and polyethylene layers need to be pierced.

At SIG Combibloc’s packaging plants, holes of the correct size are punched in the raw carton board before it is laminated. Once the product has been filled into the carton pack at the customer’s plants, the screw cap is applied to the overcoated hole.

The closure consists of a flange with integrated cutting ring and a screw cap. With a single twist of the screw cap, the tamper evidence feature on the original seal is broken with an audible click. At the same time, the twisting motion opens up the over-coated hole cleanly and smoothly. The tamper evidence feature enables the consumer to see immediately whether the carton pack still has its original seal, or has already been opened. To reclose, the cap is screwed back on, ensuring the carton pack remains leakproof.

Handling tests in Spain, Poland and Germany have shown that combiCap is well-received by consumers, thanks to its convenient opening behaviour and smooth pouring action. Consumers are finding the closure very easy and comfortable to grip. Hanno Bertling, Product Manager Opening Solutions at SIG Combibloc: “When developing new products and enhancing existing ones, we make every possible effort to ensure that we systematically continue to reduce the proportion of non-renewable raw materials our products contain. Over the past few years, we’ve achieved enormous reductions in the quantity of materials used in the closure mechanisms, and thus reductions in the weight of the closures as well.

The first screw cap on our aseptic beverage carton packs weighed 4.9 grammes. With combiCap, we’ve now a screw cap that weighs just 1.85 grammes. With the design and development of combiCap, we’re now offering an ideal closure in the very price sensitive milk segment.

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