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"Wir sind da." - Arburg service… Arburg relies on its own service technicians worldwide because they have detailed knowledge of the entire product portfolio and are strongly networked with one another. Around 40 leading service experts from the company convened for the international service meeting at the Lossburg headquarters on 19 and 20 June 2018 in order to find out about the latest innovations and to exchange experiences.

Welcoming the delegates, Managing Director Sales Gerhard Böhm emphasised the importance of service: "Every time a service technician makes a local visit, in addition to offering top-class technology, Arburg also gets the opportunity to impress its customers." He explained that customers around the world very much appreciate personal contact with the service technicians and their expertise. Added to this are the high availability and rapid provision of spare parts. The Arburg brand promise "Wir sind da." is therefore demonstrated on a daily basis by the employees in service.

Comprehensive overview

During the course of the international service meeting, participants were offered a comprehensive overview of innovations and further developments in the product and service portfolio. As the subject of digitalisation is gaining increasing importance in all areas, a look into the future was also made from the point of view of IT. For example, the potentials of cloud solutions as well as virtual and augmented reality (AR, VR) in the service sector were presented.

Arburg service meeting 2018

Perfectly equipped for the future

After two days concentrating on the transfer of knowledge and the intensive exchange of experience, the leading service experts will now pass on their newly acquired expertise to their employees in the respective countries. The Arburg service technicians around the world are already prepared for the demands of the future, enabling them to serve their customers locally in the accustomed first-class and competent manner.

Source: Arburg

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