Windsor boosts individual injection moulding solutions

The JSW machine: Japan Steel Works (JSW) has contributed a fully electric J100ADS injection moulding machine providing 100 tonnes of clamping force. It is equipped with an actuator mould from KEBO/Switzerland. The machine produces the mentioned actuator components in transparent PP, the parts weighing only 6.8 grams each. They are switch elements for medical devices such as sphygmomanometers and blood glucose meters. The two-cavity mould operates at a cycle time of barely seven seconds including part demoulding. "We have integrated the SEPRO robot control, responsible for demoulding and transportation of the parts, into our IMM control system", explains Kochs. A special feature of the plant is its data visualization on a 15'' android system: regulation and control is effected with a software version used in mobile phones. "JSW was the first IMM supplier offering an android surface", says Kochs. Control commands such as for instance closing or opening etc. are integrated which are comparable to apps of standard smartphones. This instrument offers the user extremely easy control operations. A predominant advantage of the JSW machines - for which Windsor holds the distribution rights for Germany - is their reliability: "The technology is namely state-of-the-art and widely proven. The occasions where wear parts have to be exchanged are very rare, the machines work year in, year out impeccably", states Windsor's managing director and concludes: "JSW develops and builds fully electric injection moulding machines since 1985. So, their technology is quite sophisticated."

Windsor's own product: At short notice, Windsor decided to also showcase its own product during Fakuma: PxP 73 is a new version within the PlugXPress range. PxP 73 is a selfcontained injection unit comparable to an IMM without clamping system etc. Windsor's great strengths are custom-designed adaptions: "We provide solutions which fit exactly in the plant configuration", Kochs states. The results are individual systems with individual units. PxP communicates with the IMM via an interface. The customer can attach the PxP easily to the IMM without major changes in the machine. This injection unit operates a three-zone screw available from 16 to 105 mm and uses a B&R control system equipped with a 15'' touchscreen. The PlugXPress injection unit for multi-component injection moulding can be attached to any IMM. Kochs: "One of our customers produces tooth brushes in three different materials and four colours." This way, six-component IMMs are not unusual. The rising demand in the multi-component sector and the success of the PxP is said to be the reason why its sales volume in 2017 has more than doubled compared with the previous year. "Our strengths are individual custom solutions and we differentiate ourselves from the competition by realizing a great deal of flexibility. PxP works where standard solutions fail", comments Peter Kochs.

Source: Windsor