Tailored PU solutions: KraussMaffei to attend the premiere of the PSE Europe

Solution providers along the entire value chain

In addition, KraussMaffei is one of the few solution providers worldwide that can provide all services along the polyurethane value creation chain entirely from a single source – from machines to mold and trimmer technology to process solutions for wet and dry side equipment, including automation. KraussMaffei also offers the testing of components with the business area of Automotive Testing.

"We support our customers with the conception of the appropriate machines and procedures, starting with design and simulation, and through to test runs and prototype testing. With our three technology centers in Munich, Harderberg and Viersen, we offer our customers ideal opportunities for testing, optimizing and further developing their processes in practice on test vehicles or on initial prototype components." The TechCenter in Munich boasts a combination of systems and processes for reaction and injection molding machinery that is unlike anything else in the world. This includes, for example, the most diverse lightweight construction processes such as the HP-RTM process (resin transfer molding), the wet molding process and the long fiber injection process, as well as surface technologies such as the ColorForm or the CCM process. Even traditional RIM (reaction injection molding) or R-RIM (reinforced reaction injection molding) foaming technologies can be run in the TechCenter. In Harderberg, KraussMaffei offers the testing and simulation of foam molds, while in the TechCenter in Viersen the different cutting and trimming systems, such as stamping and milling, are available for test purposes.

KraussMaffei Competence Day Pultrusion

The Competence Day Pultrusion will be taking place concurrently with the PSE Europe on June 28 at KraussMaffei in Munich. The focus will be on the new iPul pultrusion system, which doubles the previous manufacturing speeds in the pultrusion process for the production of highly filled, fiber-reinforced plastic components. The new iPul system will produce a hollow profile with dimensions of 40 x 40 mm. the Competence Day will be accompanied by specialist presentations and exhibitions by the partners Thomas Technik, Evonik, Huntsman, Covestro and the Fraunhofer IGCV.


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