TPEs with adhesion to EPDM


Supported by its market-specific development teams and its wide-ranging market knowledge, Kraiburg TPE has created a new series of thermoplastic elastomers that accommodates the growing diversity of automotive window systems and enables two-component solutions with EPDM profiles to be produced economically.
The tests performed together with customers and also partners from the machine and tool industries to optimize the adhesion, weathering resistance and process stability of the EPDM adhesion technology underline the way in which Kraiburg TPE is resolutely oriented toward its markets and customers. This uncompromising customer support is rounded out with application-oriented material formulations and color matching, as well as recommendations for processing and product consistency ensured batch by batch.

“The automotive industry is our largest and fastest-growing market. So we’ll be continuing to work intensively on new materials for the automotive industry in the future,” Franz Hinterecker from Kraiburg TPE emphasizes. Kraiburg TPE is thus very well equipped to benefit – along with its customers - from the growing market opportunities for high-quality TPEs in this segment and to speed up the competitive implementation of sophisticated EPDM/TPE applications.

EPDM sealing profiles

Window trim and sealing profiles made of EPDM with molded Thermolast K corner joints and end elements.

Josef Neuer, Head of Product Management
Co-author: Dr. Frieder Vielsack, Head of Advance Development

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