Superfos innovations in 2009

In spite of the financial crisis, Superfos will keep on developing new product solutions and remains optimistic about the year ahead.

One of the ways for Superfos to keep the crisis at bay is to continue to concentrate on developing new products and improve existing products, especially in order to make customised solutions. One of the recent examples of this is how both a German and a Swedish pate producer wanted a packaging for their products, targeting the increasing number of people living alone – both young and elders.

- We came up with the new packaging that is divided in two and thereby keeps half the product concealed and fresh while the other is open. This solution is beneficial for people living alone who don’t eat as fast as a household of 2-4 and who’s tired of having to throw out expired leftovers - explains Sales & Marketing Director Soeren Marcussen.

The new design was developed based on the existing SuperSeal solution, which potential offers very low oxygen transmission rates and a shelf life equal to that of traditional barrier packs. The solution has already won three awards for its innovative design and is the perfect platform for future customisations.

In addition to developing new product solutions, Superfos carries out a lot of testing for the customers as well. Recently it was discovered through tests that the right combination of components increase the barrier properties and keep products such as cabbage and jam fresh for a long period in plastic containers.

The improved oxygen barriers can be used to either increase shelf life significantly - up to two years - or simply to secure a better product quality at the existing shelf life. Since plastic packaging is much lighter, offers more efficient use of storage capacity and is more environmental friendly than f.i. glass, the use of plastic packaging may reduce the CO2 emissions significantly.

- The reduction of CO2 emissions is very important to both us and our customer’s green ambitions and even within our plastic products, we’re doing a lot of research into further weight reductions – without compromising the high quality or design of our packaging solutions -Soeren Marcussen says.

He is confident that Superfos will maintain the strong position within the packaging industry because the crisis doesn’t stop people from eating or wanting their food to taste good and stay fresh for as long as possible. And the market remains open for those who can come up with the best solutions for that.